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Year 5

Welcome to our class page. Here you will find all of the exciting things that we are getting up to in Year 5. Whether you are a child or a parent, this section will have information to help you maximise learning and find out about what is going on, including homework, curriculum details for each year group and wider learning opportunities.

Mrs Jones and Mr Hopkinson

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E.C. Drummond Fruit Production - 17.6.19

Year 5 visited Drummond’s Strawberry Farm at Homme Green, on Monday afternoon. This was a great opportunity to extend their knowledge of plant life cycles and learn about a local industry that supplies Morrisons with many of their strawberries. Ben Drummond very generously provided every child with a punnet of strawberries, as a reward for asking so many questions about soft fruit farming.

A reminder to all Year 5 parents and carers that Thursday 20th June is Anglo Saxon Day and we are using 'Repeating History' to provide an amazingly authentic experience. The cost is only £7 per head, with all the convenience of staying on site, with the company supplying the historical artefacts and activities for a full day of fun and learning.

Particle Physics - 23.5.19

Ten pupils from Year 5 were selected to take part in a Particle Physics workshop at Ledbury Primary School this morning (Thursday 23rd May). The session was led by Dr. Maria Pavlidou from the School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Birmingham.

Pupils began by discussing the smallest thing they could think of, which led to the suggestion of an atom. They then discussed the breakdown of matter into molecules and molecules into atoms. Children then learnt that an atom consists of a proton, neutron and electron, which were all explored in more detail throughout the morning. All pupils produced their own particles, the theory behind which they will be sharing with the year group, before sharing with the pupils from Kimbolton Primary School.

The pupils were a credit, as always, to Ashfield Park and they all benefitted a great deal from the experience.


Summer Term - 14.5.19

Year 5 have had a busy start to the Summer term. It began with a lesson in the ‘Stardome’, led by Scott Walker of Keele University. The session explored the possibilities of life on other planets in our solar system and beyond, including the fundamental requirements which are used to indicate whether further inspection of a planet is necessary.

Thank you to all who managed to photograph some evidence of Spring over the Easter break. Mrs. Seaborn has been busy arranging a display to ensure that the rest of the school has a chance to appreciate them.

We would like to remind all parents and carers that pupils require a water bottle for use in school. This is especially important now that the weather has started to get warmer.

Thank you all for your continued support, the Year 5 teaching team.

Eggs-traordinary News! - 11.4.19

This week a mysterious nest appeared in the Garden Haven. The pupils of Year 5 have been working hard to write a newspaper report based on the eggs and what they believe they contain – the mystical dragon.

The level of enthusiasm towards their written work has been incredible, with some excellent reports being produced.

Also, we have started to explore life cycles within the local environment. Children assisted with the planting of potatoes and carrots in the raised beds, before visiting the school pond. Whilst observing, some pupils were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the resident newts amongst the vegetation.

This acted as an opening to our first Summer Term Science unit. We would very much like the children to take a photograph of some evidence of lifecycles that they observe over the Easter holiday, to share with the rest of the class on their return. The homework sheet can be found in the 'useful documents' section of this page.

Finally, on Thursday morning, the children took part in the annual ‘Bunny Bounce’. It was obvious that all pupils thoroughly enjoyed themselves! Thank you for all of the donations received.



Poetry and Banking in Year 5 - 22.3.19

On Tuesday, the pupils of Year 5 were fortunate enough to spend some time with the poet Matt Black. Matt shared some of his own poetry, before answering lots of very well considered questions. This was followed by a workshop, during which the pupils created their own poems on the topic: ‘If I ruled the world’.

Year 5 had some more guests on Thursday, when two representatives from Santander visited. Nicky and Karen began by discussing the importance of saving and prioritising spending. Children then explored the advantages and disadvantages of spending money electronically and how to protect themselves when doing so. They have been challenged to design a poster, warning others of the potential risks involved. The winner of each class will receive an Easter egg and all entrants will be displayed in the Ross-On-Wye branch.


Ashfield Park STEM Week - 15.3.19

The pupils of Year 5 all approached Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Week with fantastic enthusiasm. There was a great deal of variety this week, which meant a lot to fit in!

The week began with a revision of balanced and unbalanced forces and how this relates to objects travelling through the air. The children then applied this understanding in designing a rocket. They evaluated and redesigned their prototypes a number of times, thinking carefully about how to maximise aerodynamics in order to reduce air resistance.

On Wednesday, Year 5 accompanied Year 6 on a visit to The Big Bang Fair at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham. After watching some inspiring Science shows, including one by the Royal Institution, the children explored the many stands, all with a focus on STEM.

Mark Sanderson spent a lesson with each class on Thursday, revising coding and how to apply this to Micro Bits. As a result, pupils managed to create the code required for their Micro Bits to display their names and play specific tunes for a set amount of time.

Six pupils from Year 5 were rewarded for their efforts so far this week, by being invited to showcase their work at the Ashfield Park Science Fair on Thursday afternoon. The show was opened by the fantastic Science Theatre, which explored Science of the Future. Guests were then given the opportunity to view the stands, as well as take part in the practical activities on offer.

This has been a highly rewarding and enjoyable week for the pupils, who have really maximised the variety of learning activities to their fullest. Well done Year 5!




Homework Exhibition and Year 5 Assembly - 6.3.19

The Year 5 pupils’ homework on the Earth in Space was displayed on Friday 1st March. The level of effort that they had put into creating/producing these fantastic pieces of work was clear to see. It is fantastic to work with pupils who are starting to display such high levels of maturity and a strong sense of ownership when faced with an independent learning activity to complete in their own time.

Also this week, the children were able to put their rehearsals to good use in the Year 5 assembly on the history of space travel. We were very proud to observe just how much time the children spent learning their lines and choreographing their dance routines. We have already had some fantastic feedback, so a very big well done!

Safer Internet Day - 6.2.19

Ashfield Park pupils took part in a 'Safer Internet Day' on Tuesday, during which they explored the safe use of technology, along with staying safe online.

Our focus, in Year 5, was that of screen-time. We discussed the different uses of technology with screens, both at school and at home, and had a great discussion which raised some valuable points. These included, pupils suggesting that screen-time should be monitored by an adult at home, to make sure they do not inadvertently spend a prolonged amount of time sat in front of a screen after school. 

The day culminated in a debate, with the motion: 'Children should not spend more than one hour in front of a screen each day.' As usual, all pupils shared their suggestions in a mature and conscientious manner.


Well done! - 23.1.19

We were all very proud of the children in Year 5 this week, after seeing their incredible homework on 'The Earth and Space'. It is obvious that an incredible amount of time has been spent on these projects and the children have benefitted hugely in the research carried out. We have enjoyed hearing a variety of facts on all areas of our Solar System as a result.

This week we started to explore an 'unexplored landscape' of a 'new' planet named 'P2'. The children have plotted the relief of the terrain, which they will use next week to create a map. This will be used to find a potential landing area for 'Rover 4'. 

Performance Poetry - 16.1.19

This week the children of Year 5 have been writing and performing poetry based on the poem 'Amulet' by Ted Hughes. The children used the structure of Ted Hughes' work to write a piece on an animal of their choice.

Both classes started to explore our Earth and Space Topic at the start of the week, looking at the vast distance between the planets in our Solar System.

Also, we are looking forward to seeing the Earth and Space Topic homework on Friday. We have already started to see some fantastic pieces of work, which obviously took a great deal of time to produce, so we thank you all for ensuring this was completed on time. 

Welcome Back - 8.1.19

Happy New Year! We hope you have all had a lovely break and are feeling refreshed ready for the Spring Term.

This is going to be another busy period, the details of which can be found in the 'Spring Term Link Letter' above.

We look forward to seeing you over the coming days.

Prize Winners Assembly - 21.12.18

We were very proud of the Year 5 pupils who were awarded the Prize Winners certificates this morning. It takes a great amount of hard work to achieve any of the awards.

We hope the experience has provided all pupils with something to aim towards next term. 

This term has been a fantastic start to the year and we have thoroughly enjoyed it! We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the new year.

The Earth and Space - 19.12.18

The topic next term is The Earth and Space. This has been very popular with past year groups and covers some fascinating aspects of our solar system. The children have been set the challenge of making a planet/star of their choice as well as producing a fact file. This is due in on 18th January 2019. 

I have placed a link to the homework slip above in 'Useful Documents'.

Carol Singing at Westbank Residential Home - 17.12.18

The children of Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed singing carols at Westbank Residential Home this afternoon. It was obvious that they had all spent a great deal of time learning their poetry and carols at home, so well done all! Following the service, children were treated to a drink and biscuits whilst they met with residents.

The event provided pupils with some valuable life experience and they all seemed to have gained a lot from it.

Forces, Including Magnetism with Dr. Rhodes - 14.12.18

We were joined, on Friday 7th December, by Dr. Simon Rhodes of the Ogden Trust. The trust is a charitable organisation developed to maximise children's exposure to Science. Our focus for the afternoon was 'Forces, Including Magnetism'. The children were highly engaged from start to finish, thanks to plenty of practical audience participation and well structured delivery of ideas. They will be able to explore this topic further in the second half of the Spring Term.

We have also started holding regular year group debates. The aim of which is to develop children's spoken English, as well as enable them to better formulate and express their opinion in front of an audience. The pupils have managed admirably and are often requesting a debate! 

Year 5 will be visiting Westbank Residential Home to perform three carols, along with a number of readings, on Monday and have been busy rehearsing. They have a copy of their words and are encouraged to continue to learn these over the weekend. It is hoped that we will be able to perform without having to read from a sheet.

Ancient Greece Topic Work - 28.11.18

Today we started to investigate different aspects of Ancient Greece. The children will be researching one of the following areas: Myths and Legends; Sports and the Olympics; Maths and Science; Combat; Architecture; Alexander the Great; and Gods and Goddesses. They are working in small groups and the emphasis is on pupils to explore their topic independently, selecting the most relevant and engaging information with which to share with their peers.

Their displays will be finished by Friday, and will be on display in the Year 5 area. 

Ashfields Got Talent! - 21.11.18

We were very proud of a number of our pupils who took part in the Children in Need Talent Show. The acts ranged from 'Baby Shark' on the flute to stand-up comedy. 

A massive thank you to all pupils who worked extremely hard to prepare their fantastic acts. It really demonstrated the breadth of talent at Ashfield Park. 

Investigating Rust - 14.11.18

On Tuesday, Year 5 began exploring how and why things rust. Children began by researching the essential components required for rust to occur, then moved outside to find evidence to support their research. They have planned a 'fair' Scientific investigation to study how different factors affect the speed in which metal rusts, which will begin on Thursday.

We hope they continue to discuss this subject with loved ones at home!  

Visit to Masjid E Noor Mosque and Gloucester Cathedral - 7.11.18

On Monday 5th November, Year 5 were fortunate enough to visit the Masjid E Noor Mosque and Gloucester Cathedral. Imam Hassan was very informative and greatly enhanced the children's understanding of Islam. Likewise, the volunteers at the cathedral were very knowledgeable and the children gained a lot from the experience.


Year 5 at St. Mary's Church - 17.10.18

A number of Year 5 and 6 pupils have volunteered to take part in a Service of Peace, being held on Sunday 21st October at St Mary's Church. They have been rehearsing a great deal in preparation for the event and visited the church on Tuesday afternoon for one of their final rehearsals. 

They were accompanied by Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Mainwaring who both agreed that they sounded wonderful. 

Year 5 would also like to welcome Mr. Dowd, a Student Teacher, who will be with us up until Christmas.

Outdoor Education at Upton Warren - 10.10.18

Year five visited Upton Warren Adventure Centre on 5th and 6th October, led by students of Hartpury College. The children took part in four activities: orienteering, rock climbing, low ropes and archery. Whilst enjoyable for all pupils, there were times when they were encouraged to push themselves to complete certain challenges. This they all did admirably and, as a result, gained a large amount from the experience.

Sporting Success! - 3.10.18

A number of Year 5 pupils were selected to represent Ashfield Park Primary School at an inter-school netball competition, held at John Kyrle High School on Wednesday this week. 

The teams (consisting of both Year 5 and 6 pupils), coached by Miss. Stephens and Mrs. Jones, were highly successful, finishing 1st and 2nd overall.

Sport, fitness and health is an integral part of our curriculum and their success today will help continue to promote this throughout their peer-groups.

The Local Geography of Ross-on-Wye

This week we completed a survey on the amount of litter being dropped in Ross-on-Wye. The areas explored included: the school grounds; the Market Place at the top of town; the alleyway leading from Aldi; and the Riverfront Walk. 

Through completion of this activity, the pupils seem to have developed a greater sense of ownership over the cleanliness of their town. Moving forwards, we will be looking more at the impact that littering can have on the environment on a global scale.

007 Through Dance!

We were lucky enough, this week to have a professional dance teacher working with Year 5. The children enjoyed acting as spies, concentrating on movement and positioning, which eventually culminated in a short dance. The year group will continue exploring this theme, up until half term.

Point to note:

Letters regarding the Upton Warren - Outdoor Education visit, were handed to pupils this afternoon (19.9.18).


New School Year!

Year 5 have made an excellent start to their school year, quickly settling into the routine. All pupils were handed a 'Link Letter' for Autumn Term last week, but, to ensure that all families have access, please see above. We look forward to meeting you all at the Year 5 'Meet the Teachers' on Monday 17th September at 1530.