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Ashfield Park Primary

Year 3

Welcome to our class page. Here you will find all of the exciting things that we are getting up to in Year 3. Whether you are a child or a parent, this section will have information to help you maximise learning and find out about what is going on, including homework, curriculum details for each year group and wider learning opportunities.

Our topic this term is 'The Stone Age to the Iron Age'.

Meet the Teacher will be on Thursday 13th September - we hope to see you all there. 

Our days for P.E are Tuesday and Wednesday - please make sure your child has a complete, appropriate P.E kit which includes trainers. 

Mr Field and Mrs Mainwaring  


New Term

Please find our Autumn Term link letter below and a copy of the 'Meet The Teacher' PowerPoint.

Below you will also find any additional letters throughout this term.

If you have any questions, come and see us at the door at the end of the day or feel free to email us. 

Home Reading

This year we are having a big push on reading to really help our children with their general reading and comprehension. As you will be aware, they have new reading diaries - please make sure you are reading daily with your child and signing the diary. If there is a valid reason you have been able to read such as gymnastics, cubs or swimming etc, please pop it in the diary so we know. We also love to hear about the amazing things your children do outside of school! You may also have noticed they have come home with a brand new book on a different coloured stage. Do not panic, this is not a mistake, we have just changed our banding system so the colours no longer mean what they used to and different year groups now have different colours. 

Please remind your children to bring their diary and book to school every day to be checked.

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This Week In Year Three

This week we have been looking at a new story all about defeating a monster. We have already explored the story and had chance to act it out and share our performances with the year group. In art we have been exploring Stone Age pottery and have even had a go at making and decorating our own thumb pots.

We are really looking forward to Friday for Children In Need and we cannot wait to see all of the talent on show from the school!  

Previous Weeks

11th November 2018 

had an incredible week celebrating hope for the World and Mankind. We looked at our hopes for ourselves, our World and what we can do to help make our World a better place. We also spent the week studying WW1 and how the soldiers and people back home felt and what they would have been hoping for.

In the afternoons we spent our time looking at other cultures from around the world and how their hopes may differ from ours. We looked specifically at Hinduism. The children were so respectful and very inquisitive about a new faith. 

Overall it was an amazing week! 

7th November 2018

This week we have been working really hard on our songs and words for the harvest production. It is really coming along nicely and we can wait to show it to you on Tuesday 23rd October. We have also been working really hard in literacy writing our own stories called 'The Three Wooly Mammoths' and in maths we have been adding and subtracting with three digit numbers.

Can we remind you label all of our children's belongings clearly with indelible ink. The 'red box' by the door is beginning to fill up with unnamed jumpers and other items of clothing. If you think your child is missing something, please feel free to have a search in the box at the end of the day.  

24th September 2018 

We have had a great week this week. In topic we have been looking at animals that were around during the Stone Age, in maths we have started our new unit on addition and subtraction, in literacy we have been creating comic strips for the Three Billy Goats Gruff and we have been working really hard on our words and songs for our harvest assembly!






Previous Weeks