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Ashfield Park Primary

Year 2

Welcome to our class page. Here you will find all of the exciting things that we are getting up to in Year 2. This section will have information to help you support your child and maximise learning by finding out about what is going on, including homework, curriculum details and wider learning opportunities.

Our topic this term is 'Growing'.

Our P.E days are Monday and Friday - Please can you make sure your child has a complete P.E. kit which includes trainers.

Mrs Mutton, Mrs Oates and Mrs Hughes.

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This week in Year 2


We have been busy rehearsing for our year group assembly. Thank you to everyone who has provided costumes and helped with learning lines. Our performance will be tomorrow (Wednesday 19th June) at 9.15am. We look forward to seeing you there. 



We have been enjoying Arts Week and getting ready for the carnival and fair on Friday!  So far, we have been busy making masks and shakers so we can look great and make lots of noise in the parade.  Please remember that we would like the children to dress in bright colours on Friday too. 

On Wednesday, the children learnt how to do weaving on mini looms and, because of some impressive concentration and perseverance, they have all created a small wall hanging. 

We look forward to seeing many of you on Friday afternoon to join in the fun. 



We have enjoyed having some sunny weather this week and being able to get outside.  Please could we remind you again about the importance of sending your child in with fresh water and a sunhat everyday.

Life is still very busy in Year 2.  We are very proud of the children who are working hard and really showing off what they can do.  We need more of the same next week and after that we will all be ready for a holiday!  Please could you help your child next week by making sure they go to bed early each night and have a good breakfast before school.  Thank-you for your support.  We are all looking forward to some fun activities as a reward after this busy time. 


We hope you all enjoyed the long weekend.  The children came back refreshed and have been working hard at sharpening up their skills!  This week, we have thinking about writing accurate sentences with capital letters and full stops.  It is encouraging to see so many children practising their neat joined writing too.  In Maths we have been measuring time, capacity and weight and thinking about the different units of measure.  It would be helpful if the children could practise using scales and measuring jugs at home.  Also, it is always beneficial if they can practise their number work including the 2x, 5x, 10x and 3x tables.

Thank-you for your support at this busy time!




It was lovely to hear the children's news from the Easter holiday.  Everyone seemed to have had fun doing all sorts of exciting things.  Now we have a short but extremely busy half-term ahead of us.  End of KS1 SATs will take place during the week before the next holiday so we are getting ready to do our very best.  It was good to meet so many parents this week at Parents' Evening and to be able to tell you how impressed we are with your children's hard work.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend.  We are looking forward to seeing the children refreshed and ready on Tuesday morning!




What a week in Year 2!  After our exciting trip to Bradley Farm last Friday, The children wrote some interesting recounts.  We loved meeting the animals and finding out about life on a farm.  On Tuesday, we were amazed to find some strange, large eggs in a huge nest in the Garden Haven!  We had lots of ideas about how they might have got there and finally decided they must be dinosaur eggs just like in the Tyrannosaurus Drip story.  We had fun writing about the characters in the story.  Today, we had a brilliant outing to Bernard Hackett Court to sing Easter songs to the residents.  It really cheered them up.  Tomorrow, we are looking forward to the Easter bonnet parade and the Bunny Bounce (please bring £1!)

Children will be bringing home an Easter activity booklet on Friday.  We hope they will find time to complete some or all of the activities.  Also, please could they enjoy plenty of reading.  Have an eggsellent Easter with lots of fun.





We have enjoyed the warmer weather this week!  It was good to be able to use our lovely field to practise our rugby skills on Monday.  Thank-you to everyone who has the right kit in school.  Can we remind you that it is important for the children to have well fitting outdoor PE shoes, preferably trainers.  In French, we made robots.  Ask your child to impress you with some of the French words they have learnt!  We are looking forward to our farm trip next Friday.  Please can we have the last few reply slips returned so we are all ready to go.

Have a lovely weekend and we hope all Mums are well looked after on Sunday!



We have been working hard in Year 2.  In Maths, we started learning about Fractions and we have thought carefully about splitting shapes and numbers of objects into equal parts.  We can now talk about halves and quarters.  In Literacy, we have been practising grammar.  Ask your children if they can tell you about the different kinds of sentences we use and explain what verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs are...!

As a treat this afternoon, we were able to watch the very interesting Year 4 assembly about water.  Hopefully, the children will bring in some money tomorrow to spend at Year 4's Water Aid sale.  All proceeds will go to this very worthwhile charity.

Thank-you to everyone who has already returned their slips for the farm trip and the visit to Bernard Hackett Court.  Please could we have the rest as soon as possible.  



What a wonderful week this has been!  In Y2, we have experienced a variety of different activities for STEM week.  On Monday, we all loved meeting the animals brought in by Dan from Zoolab.  We learnt a huge amount about classifying creatures and about their various lifestyles.  On Tuesday, we learnt about gravity when we made and tested different paper spinners.  Our work about gravity continued on Wednesday when we designed, made and evaluated parachutes.  We have also found out about Isaac Newton who discovered gravity over 300 years ago.  We hope the children have really enjoyed their time as scientists and designers and can share some of their learning with you.  




Please remember that our PE days are now Monday and Thursday. On Mondays we will be doing rugby. Children need to have trainers or PE shoes suitable for working on the field. Leggings or tracksuit trousers are useful for colder days. 

We are collecting cardboard egg boxes for a craft activity. If you can help please send these in with your child. 

We are very pleased to see that most of the children are now reading daily, using maths shed to practise times tables and practise their spellings. Thank you for your ongoing support. Reinforcing good routines at home has a positive impact on your child's progress. 


Here we are at the end of our first half term of 2019...

This week, we started to learn about shapes in Maths.  It would be great if the children could look around and name some 2D shapes that they see when they are out and about. 

In Literacy, all the children made some fantastic fact pages about polar animals.  They set out their information carefully and it was good to see lots of them trying really hard to join their writing neatly.

The children also made some very cute polar animals from a variety of art materials.

We hope that all homework projects are coming on well.  We are looking forward to seeing these in school after the holiday, ready for the exhibition on Friday 1st March. 

Have a lovely week.  We hope the children enjoy some well-earned fun and relaxation.


Another busy week in Y2! 

We have been using our knowledge of the times tables to work on division in Maths.  We have shared out objects fairly and made equal groups.

In Literacy, we have started looking at information texts and deciding how they are set out.  Next week we will have a go at writing our own information text about polar animals so we have also been doing some research on the ipads to find lots of facts.

On Safer Internet Day, we thought about the different ways we need to keep ourselves safe when we use our computers ipads and tablets.  Hopefully, your child will be able to tell you all about this. 





Hopefully, your children were able to talk about some of the ways to keep safe near roads following the visit from the Road Safety Officer on Monday.

In Maths this week, we have been using the 2x, 5x and 10x tables to solve some word problems.  It has been great to hear that lots of children are practising these tables at home.  In Literacy, we have been planning our own stories based on 'Lost and Found'.  The children have come up with some brilliant ideas and the finished stories should be fun to read!

Everyone is excited about the possibility of snow!  If it does come, it will certainly help us all imagine what life is like in the Polar Lands which we are learning about for our topic this term.


This week in Maths, we have continued our work with multiplying.  Hopefully, your children can impress you with their knowledge of the 2x, 5x and 10x tables!  In Literacy, we have done some more lovely work on the story of 'Lost and Found'.  The children wrote some book reviews which really showed how much they enjoyed reading about the friendship between the boy and the penguin.

We are looking forward to having a visit from a Road Safety Officer on Monday when we will learn some important information about keeping safe. 


Please find our Spring Term Newsletter and Spring Topic Homework below. 

We are very impressed with how quickly the children have settled back to their learning. Please support your child to establish and maintain good routines e.g. reading daily, practising spellings and remembering to bring PE kits and library books. It is really great to see that many of the children are developing independence and taking responsibility for their learning. We have begun learning about multiplication. We have been using the term 'lots of' to help us remember what this means. Ask your child to show you what this means. In Literacy we have begun our unit 'Lost and Found' we have been busy writing letters and predicting our own endings for the story.

Previous weeks


Our elves are continuing to entertain us. Today they set us the challenge of making reindeer food. We even had to write out some instructions for them. The children will be bringing their eco-friendly reindeer food home this afternoon, ready for Christmas Eve. Tomorrow we will be making and decorating Christmas biscuits and finishing our embroidered Christmas baubles. We are very excited about Christmas lunch on Thursday and Christmas jumper day on Friday. In maths we are still working hard to complete our unit on money. The children have really enjoyed this and it has been good to hear that some of them have been using real money outside of school. 

We wish you a very Happy Christmas and New Year and we hope you enjoy a well deserved break. Parents' evening slips have been sent home and we look forward to seeing many of you in January. 


Wow what an amazing week! All the children's hard work really paid off in our two excellent performances of The Innkeeper's Breakfast. We are so proud of the children and we're sure you are too. Thank you for your support learning lines and providing costumes. 

The elves are continuing to have some fun in our classrooms. 2H came in to a bit of a mess on Monday because Elfie had hosted an elf party! Luckily the children helped Mrs Hughes to tidy up! 2MO thought they'd lost their tinsel decoration until they spotted Snowflake wearing it! However both the elves were so impressed by the show that they had left candy canes for the children. 


This week we were amazed to find an elf in each classroom! There were letters asking us to name our class elf and explaining that our elf would be reporting back to Santa. 2H named their elf Elfie and 2MO named theirs Snowflake. We have already discovered that our elves are very cheeky. See the pictures below. We have written and sent letters to Santa - this was very exciting and we really tried our very best. Hopefully he will send a reply to our home addresses. We are starting to learn about money. It would be really beneficial to encourage your child to count coins at home and pay for some items next time you go shopping. Thank you for sending in all the fabulous costumes. We are really looking forward to performing our nativity. Performances are next Monday and Tuesday at St Mary's Church.


We are very busy rehearsing for our Christmas play. Today we practised, for the first time, in the Saint Mary's church with Year 1 and Reception. Together, the children practiced their lines, acted on the alter steps, and sang beautifully. We are really looking forward to our first dress rehearsal on Friday the 7th. Thank you to everyone who has already sent their costumes - we hope to have all costumes in by Monday 3rd December. As always, please speak to your child's class teacher if there are any issues. Please continue supporting your child to learn their lines, this really makes a huge difference. See below for pictures from our first church rehearsal. Don't forget to order your tickets from the office.


We are well under way with rehearsals for our Christmas nativity, The Inn Keeper's Breakfast. There will be performances on Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th December, at 1:30pm, at St. Mary's Church.  Details of tickets will follow soon. Your child has been given a letter with information about their costume. Please speak to their class teacher if there are any questions or issues. We are looking forward to tomorrow's money and savings workshop, led by staff from Nationwide Building Society. In Maths, we are learning how to use drawings to help us subtract 2 digit numbers. In Literacy, we are continuing with non-fiction writing linked to the Great Fire of London. We have also written some poems, using our senses, about Bonfire Night and firework displays. We are very proud of the children's work. Here are some examples:



We are having a very exciting week thinking about Hope for the World and Mankind!  On Monday, we had a 'magic visit' from a World War 1 soldier, dressed up in uniform.  He was able to answer our questions about what went on and why we are especially remembering The Great War this year.  On Tuesday, Mr. Wardale from JKHS took our assembly and helped us to think about our hopes for ourselves and for the world.  We have been carrying on with this work in class.  Today, April Shipton and her father sang some songs for us and talked about following our dreams and helping other people.  We have made some poppies for a school display and painted some beautiful poppy pictures.  Thank-you to everyone who has brought in shoeboxes and craft materials.  We will use these next week so do keep them coming!

Maths has continued as usual.  This week, we have had a go at using column addition to add 2 2-digit numbers. 


At the start of the week we were very excited to find a mystery box on the school field. We wrote letters to Mr Kendrick to see if he knew anything about it. However, we couldn't believe it when we had a special visit from King Charles II! When he told us that the box belonged to him we were very keen to help! King Charles told us about his experience of the Great Fire of London which helped us produce some fantastic descriptive writing. We finished the week making special tea stained paper which we used to write our own diary entries. In maths we have been thinking about 10 more and 10 less and we spotted some patterns. Hopefully your child can wow you with their amazing maths skills!

We will be changing library books every Wednesday. Please support your child to return their books each week, ready to swop.


The children wrote some lovely recounts of our day in the forest. There were a lot of happy memories of the things we did and saw. We are using our experience to help us with our writing about Robin Hood. In maths, we are continuing addition and subtraction work. We are looking at fact families and making the links between adding and subtracting. It would be really helpful if the children can practise number bonds that make 10 and for a challenge pairs that make 20. Today the children created timelines of the Great Fire of London. Hopefully they can talk you through the key events starting with when and where the fire started....! 


























Another busy week for Year 2. We enjoyed our fabulous trip to the Dean Heritage Centre. The children had so much fun building dens and learning about different materials. We were very proud of the children's behaviour, and it was lovely to see how well they worked together to complete the challenges. See our gallery for photos from the trip. 

Thank you for your support with home reading. Please remember to fill in your child's diary daily. The children are clearly excited about their homework task, and it is lovely to hear about their ideas and projects. Projects are due in by Friday 19th October but feel free to start bringing them in to school.   

In Literacy, we have begun our new story Robin Hood. The children impressed us with their imaginative predictions. In maths, we have just begun addition and subtraction.  



This week in Y2, we have been comparing numbers and putting them in order.  For Literacy, we created a new character for The Highway Rat story and had fun thinking about what they might eat!

We have learnt some more about what homes were like at the time of the fire of London and we made some brilliant houses for our display.

Today , we had lots of fun walking round the field as part of the 'Golden Mile' initiative to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

We are looking forward to our visit to the Dean Heritage Museum next Wednesday.  Please can we have the outstanding forms returned as soon as possible.


Enclosed below is the Meet the Teacher power point made by Mr Kendrick. It gives details of school routines and other useful information. Also you will see our topic homework sheet. This has been explained to the children but if you have any questions please ask your child's class teacher.

This week we have started our new topic 'The Great Fire of London'. We wonder if the children will find out any exciting facts, at home, ready to share next Wednesday. 

Also we have been continuing the story of The Highway Rat. Today the children amazed us by spotting lots of rhyming words. In maths we are comparing numbers. Hopefully your child could show you the symbols we use to record greater than and less than.

A letter has been sent out with details of our trip. We would be grateful if you could return the reply slip and payment ASAP.