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Welcome to our class page. Here you will find all of the exciting things that we are getting up to in Nursery . This section will have information to help you support your child and maximise learning by finding out about what is going on, including homework, curriculum details and wider learning opportunities.

 Mrs Symonds and the Nursery Team 

This week in Nursery 

19th June

We have been watching our caterpillars getting bigger and bigger over the last 2 weeks. We know that we have to look after them and keep the pot still so that we don't hurt them. Today we looked and wondered if one of them is changing into its cocoon! 

We have been very creative and have made butterfly crowns for the carnival parade and we made brightly coloured glittery butterflies for the art exhibition. This week we are making caterpillars out of bottle tops. This activity includes lots of maths too: counting out the number of tops we need of each colour and the eyes and then we have had a go at making an alternating pattern so that our caterpillars are striped.



23rd May

Today is Outdoor Classroom Day. This is a global campaign to celebrate and inspire outdoor learning. Outdoor learning improves children's health; engages them in their learning and leads to a greater connection with nature. 

We take our children out regularly and we can see amazing benefits for them. One little girl has conquered her very real fear of spiders;  the children are able to concentrate on their activities for longer; they are seen to be determined to achieve their goals (often to climb a tree) and keep on trying and trying. We notice that when we are outside the children are calmer , more tolerant and more resilient.

Today the focus was "What can we see?" Teachers provided water colour paints, crayons and pencils. The children worked for a long time on their designs and this activity promoted language development as they talked about what they could see.

There was plenty of time to enjoy our favourite activities too.


14th May

We have been enjoying the warm weather and some of the children wanted to have an ice cream shop so Mrs Symonds found all the things we needed.

These are things we are learning as we play shops:

Communication and Language: Social language such as "Hello. How are you?"

Personal, social and emotional: Taking turns to play; waiting in the queue; making friends.

Physical: Using the scoop to balance ice cream; picking up pennies

Maths: Using numbers; counting objects; counting out a given number; shape, size and pattern.

Expressive arts and design: Engaging in pretend play and making up a story for the game.

The children really enjoyed this game and happy, motivated children find it is fun to learn!

Perhaps you could set up a shop at home. You could bring a photo of your child playing to put in their Learning Journey.

l7th May

We have been helping all our new children to settle into nursery. They have been very busy exploring all the different activities inside and outside.

This term our theme is the garden and we have started to plant our beans and sunflower seeds.


10th April

We have had such a busy week so far at nursery. We were so excited when we heard the news about the huge nest that had appeared in the school grounds! The children had lots of fantastic ideas about where the eggs had come from and what would happen next. We took the parents up today to see the nest and were shocked to see that the eggs had hatched and there were enormous footprints. This inspired lots more thinking and talking about what had happened. Some of the children painted some great pictures of the nest and eggs for us to display in our art gallery.

We invited parents and grandparents to come for an out + about session this week. Unfortunately it was too wet on Tuesday but we had a lovely time doing Easter crafts with them. Today we had fun on the field showing the adults all the things we enjoy doing outside. The children love to show their families what they do at nursery. One of the mums said she really liked having an insight into what her daughter does at nursery. 

We hope everyone has a lovely rest over the Easter holiday. See you on the week beginning the 29th April.

4th April

The torrential rain meant that there were lots of muddy puddles for the children to explore and jump in this afternoon. Children walked along a stream of muddy water with Mrs Symonds and made up a story based on Walking Through The Jungle but we said " Walking through the puddle what can we see? Can we hear a noise? What can it be?" The children thought it was a crocodile saying snap, snap and one of the children thought he had found the crocodile in a different muddy puddle! When we investigated it was just a tree root - phew!

It was fantastic to hear the children using a story from several weeks ago to enhance their play. That shows that repeating stories many times has an impact on their language, story making skills and imagination.

27th March

We often stop and wonder why something has happened. Today one of the children showed me a bottle with a small world character inside. "He's bigger." she stated. I wondered what he was bigger than. She poured the water out of the bottle and showed me that he looked smaller. She repeated this a few times and realised that when there was water in the bottle he looked bigger. We thought of ideas why that might be and decided that water must be like a magnifying glass! 

There are so many discoveries to make while we play. When an adult plays too they can support children to think of ideas and link their past experiences and knowledge to what they are exploring. 

Perhaps you can try this experiment at home.


20th March

We have been playing listening games this week. Today we had a lotto game. The children all remembered our rules for good listening:- keeping still, ears open and lips closed. They worked out what all the different sounds were and we had a go at making some of the sounds too.

We all love playing the instruments. The children sing and wait for the instruction to stop in our 'play and play and stop' song. Some of the children got the instruments out the next day and invited their teachers to play this game with them.

Learning to listen is such an important skill for young children to learn and develop and nursery we do this while we have fun.

13th March

It is Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths week (STEM) in school and of course in nursery too.

We have provided the children with lots of resources to make beds and chairs for the 3 bears. They have been measuring, designing, trying out their ideas, making plans, adjusting their designs, solving problems and enjoying the challenge. 

We were so proud of their work that we went to show the children in year 1.

I think we may have some future inventors here at nursery!


6th March

Yesterday nursery celebrated pancake day by having scotch pancakes for snack. We put them in the toaster to warm them up and then we waited and waited and waited until we heard the toaster go pop. we used our knives to spread butter on them and then we ate them all up - they were delicious!

Today we acted out the story of Goldilocks. We had some very good actors; our daddy bear had a big gruff voice, mummy bear had a gentle voice and baby bear had a squeaky, little voice. Next we changed our home area in to the 3 bears house. The children spent the rest of the day acting out the story again and they were able to make up different stories about the bears and Goldilocks. What a fun way to become storytellers! 

1st March

This week we have enjoyed the sunshine and  have been looking for signs of Spring. We have a big pot full of beautiful daffodils and when the children looked at them very carefully they noticed that some of the stems had 2 flowers coming out of each and then one of the children found a stem with 3 flowers! Next we went for a walk to find more signs of Spring we found more daffodils and some buds on some of the trees. Perhaps the children might look for signs that Spring is here when they walk home or to the park.

13th February

We have had 2 very busy out and about sessions on the field. Teachers noticed that the children have been doing some fantastic work up there. When the children climb the tree or making a seesaw they are:

  • challenging themselves
  • taking a risk
  • planning how to do it
  • trying again when it doesn't work
  • thinking of a different way to do it 
  • concentrating
  • solving problems
  • testing their ideas

These are all amazing characteristics for effective life long learning that we want our children to develop.

We enjoyed our first picnic of the year too!

6th February

It's been a very exciting week!

The children had a great morning out in the snow on Friday. They took turns to pull and ride along in the sledge; made snow angels; rolled in the snow; tried tasting it and best of all challenged themselves to sledge down the hill. One of them said "It's too scary." but she was keen to try and at the bottom she shouted "That was fun!" She wanted another turn! When we got back inside we had some hot chocolate to warm us up.

Yesterday it was the Lunar new year and we have been finding out how people celebrate. The children cleaned and decorated our home area. They chopped vegetables to make a Chinese salad and tried eating it with chopsticks. They have been busy decorating the tree with the Chinese lucky colours; making lanterns and lucky money pockets.

We hope you will look at our photos.

30th January

The children are all enjoying our animal rhymes and songs that we have been learning this term. This week our rhyme is 1 elephant came out to play on a spider's web one day. This has provided plenty of opportunities for counting and working out simple number problems. 

The children are beginning to help retell the story of walking through the jungle too.

Both these activities are great for encouraging listening and talking skills and concentration.

23rd January

On Monday afternoon we had an amazing session of songs, stories and sounds with a lady called Sal. Some of the children's parents and grandparents came too. There were lots of rat a tat tat and ding dong sounds as we tried to wake up Sal's guitar! Sal showed us a case which she said contained thousands of stories. We were all very excited to see what was inside. It was full of sticks and we all had 2 each. The sticks became drum sticks, an elephant's trunk, the Grand Old Duke of York's hill, reindeer antlers and binoculars. The children listened, sang, imagined, created, danced, talked and had fun. The adults all had a great time too and the teachers have got some super new ideas for our story and song times.

16th January 2019

We have had a great first week back at nursery. The new children are settling in and have been busy exploring the environment and the adults have spent time with all of them building trusting relationships and finding out what they are interested in and enjoy doing.

This term our story is Walking Through The Jungle. This week we have been learning lots of new rhymes about wild animals. The children are using the monkeys and crocodile as they act out the rhyme 5 Little Monkeys Swinging In The Trees. They are beginning to do some simple maths problems as they work out how many monkeys are left in the tree and how many are in the crocodile's tummy.


20th December

Everyone had fun at the party in nursery yesterday! We danced, played musical statues and pass the parcel. After that we had a delicious party tea - thank you to all the parents for providing the food for us.

We have had a fantastic and very busy term and I think we are all ready for a good rest. 

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the beginning of term which starts on Wednesday 9th January.

Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our children and their families!

12th December

Yesterday the nursery children sang songs and acted out a Christmas story for their families. They were amazing! We are all very, very proud of them.

After the show we had a surprise visitor - Father Christmas! He had brought a present for each of the children as a special treat.

Today the children received a letter from him saying how much he had enjoyed coming to see them. He has also sent Eddie the elf who is going to help remind the children to be kind friends. 

We are walking to the post box on Friday to post our cards for our families.

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in nursery!

5th December

Mummies, daddies and nannies came to our Christmas craft sessions this week. They had lots of fun making different decorations and finding out how much maths their children were learning through these creative activities.

We learnt about number, size, shape, quantity, position, measure, pattern and comparison.

One of the mummies said that the session had given her lots of new ideas for how to support her children at home.

We are glad that everyone enjoyed themselves and found out that maths is fun and it's everywhere!

28th November

We have been enjoying some 'risky' play with planks and tyres this week. The children have been moving and using this equipment to create a climbing and balancing course. Teachers have been showing the children how to check if the course is safe enough to try out. 

This activity has been great to develop:

  • upper body strength and coordination
  • team work
  • risk assessment
  • planning and reviewing 
  • problem solving
  • turn taking
  • talk

21st November

The children have been very interested in the torches. They have been experimenting and trying out their ideas to see what they can discover and what they can do with them. Some of them have used the Perspex building blocks to change the colour of the light and then they explored what happened when they put two different colours together and shone the light through. Some of the children tried making shadows on the walls and ceiling using objects and their hands.

Our children have learnt so much through their play with torches. I wonder what they will discover tomorrow..... 

14th November

This week we have been very busy in our garden. The children have been using the spades and trowels to dig out the old plants. We have been transferring all the soil from the big tyre into our new big digging pit. Some of the children worked all morning on this activity.

The children have all enjoyed thinking of games to play in our new house. It has been an ice cream shop, somewhere to hide, a cosy corner to look at books and talk to friends and sometimes some very scary, loud, roaring lions have been in there too! 

7th November

It was great to welcome so many parents and grandparents in the last week of the half term. They all joined in with our Squiggle while you wiggle session and I think they were very impressed to hear the children retelling the story of Mrs Wishy Washy. We also had a lovely, peaceful bedtime story evening. It is so good that all our parents and carers are supporting the children to develop good language and physical skills which will help them to become good writers in the future. Thank you too for sharing books with your children regularly. We know that children who look at books at home will find it easier to develop their reading skills.  

Today Larissa and Tracey from the Children's Centre came to work with the children to help them understand how to look after their teeth. The children were able to paint sparkly teeth, brush the big teeth, pretend to be a dentist and we all  played a game to make a healthy low sugar lunch box. Next week there will be a new display about looking after our teeth; please take time to have a look - we were very shocked to see how much sugar is in the yogurt and the raisins.

17th October

We had so much fun in the rain and we discovered lots of different things:

  • always put your waterproof trouser legs over your boots otherwise your feet get wet when you splash in puddles
  • water disappears as you splash in puddles 
  • you can make footprints and tyre marks 
  • you can see your reflection
  • you can make bubbly puddles with some soap
  • you can have fun!

10th October

Slug maths?!

We had  great time exploring the Forest school field this week. Some of the children found some slugs in amongst the wooden blocks. They were all very interested and curious and keen to find more. At the end of the session we realised we had used and learnt lots of mathematical language.

We counted the slugs. 

We counted how many were alive and how many were not and worked out how many altogether.

We watched them getting longer and shorter as they moved along the wood.

We noticed that they were hiding under and behind the blocks where it was dark and damp.

The children all wanted to find the biggest slug and they compared each one that they found.

What a great way to learn!


3rd October

It has been a messy week in nursery! We have been experimenting and discovering what happens when we mix different things. Yesterday we mixed powder paint and water. We discovered that water droplets roll across the powder like a ball - it was amazing! Today we mixed shaving foam and runny paint and tomorrow we will mix cornflour and water to make gloop.

The adults have noticed that the children have concentrated for a long, long time on these activities. The children have been learning new words to describe what they can see and feel too. 

16th September

Today is Healthy School day and nursery joined in with all the older children to walk round the big field.

We have been thinking about healthy food this week and have been trying different snacks. Today we all made a sandwich to eat. We all tried to spread the butter and filling on by ourselves. This activity helped us to plan what we need to do first, next and finally and it was great for developing our fine motor skills.

Perhaps this is something the children could try at home too.

19th September

We are all very settled in nursery and the teachers are very proud of all the children. They are following the routine, listening very carefully at hello and story time and they are already becoming great story tellers!

This week we have started reading Mrs Wishy Washy and the children are joining in with the actions and words.

We will start making our own Mrs Wishy Washy books and I am sure the children will enjoy telling you the story at home.

This is a great way for children to become enthusiastic readers and writers. 

13th September

Welcome to everyone! We have had a very busy first week at nursery and are so pleased that all the children are settling and are enjoying their time with us.

This week has been all about exploring the environment, following our new routine and making friends.

We have made the most of the pleasant weather. We had a lovely walk all round the school grounds and collected lots of interesting things in our special collecting bags.


18th July

We have been celebrating the end of another fantastic year at nursery!

We went on a teddy bear's picnic today and after we had eaten, a paper aeroplane appeared! There was a message on it which said that something was stuck in the tree. We had to search the wood and eventually found a bear hanging by his parachute on a branch. The next problem was how to get him down and the children thought of great ideas and at last we succeeded in rescuing Barney the bear. Barney was so pleased to find us and he has asked us to look after him now.

We have had a very special end of year celebration and entertained our families with our favourite rhymes and stories. The children who are moving to Reception all received a very special certificate and their Learning Journey.

The nursery team wish everyone a happy and safe summer.

See you in September!

11th July

It has been very hard keeping cool in nursery but Miss Tedstone had a great idea and made a shower! The children were able to see that as the water level went down the shower did not work as well - a great opportunity for thinking about how and why things work.

4th July

We all had a great afternoon at Dean Hill playground today. Before we left we talked about how to keep ourselves safe when we go out. The children know how important it is to hold a grown up's hand so that they are safe on the roads and don't get lost.

When we got to the park the children were very busy. Many of them had a go at new challenges and were so pleased with themselves when they achieved their goals.

Physical activities like this are great for developing children's upper body strength and coordination and this will support them as they begin to develop their fine movement skills ready for writing and detailed work.

The children learned and achieved so much this afternoon and they had lots of fun!

27th June

The children and their families had a fantastic day at Newbridge farm last Thursday.

We were able to look closely at and stroke a 2 day old chick, some lovely fluffy rabbits and a hard, bumpy tortoise. We helped the farmer to collect the eggs and feed the llamas and the pigs. The goats were very greedy and tried to eat the whole bag of food!

The children had a great time playing in all the different areas. They climbed, and balanced and bounced!

Everyone enjoyed the ride on the bus too.

Today we had a magical butterfly picnic! We sang our butterfly song and  watched as the butterflies flew away. 

20th June

The children are very interested in our caterpillars. We have been looking at them closely using magnifiers and some of the children drew some really detailed pictures of them. On Monday the children were very interested to see that our caterpillars have changed into their cocoons. We are wondering how long we will have to wait to see our butterflies.

13th June

Nursery have been busy exploring the outdoors this week. The children were very excited when Miss Tedstone brought lots of snails for us to look at. We looked at the patterns on their shells, watched the way they moved and wondered what the slimy trail was that they left behind. The children carried on their explorations when we went out and about. We found more snails, earwigs, woodlice and spiders. Inside the class we are watching our caterpillars grow and grow - they are very hungry caterpillars!

6th June

In nursery we have been saying hello in different languages each morning.

We have learnt some of the languages that our nursery children use.

Labas (Lithuanian); Jambo (Swahili), Ahoj (Czech), Buna (Romanian),  Cześć (Polish) and Привет (Russian).

One of our mummies came in and read a story to us in Czech. All the children listened very carefully, enjoyed the story and asked lots of questions.

If anyone else would like to come and read a story with us that would be lovely.


23rd May

The children have been busy playing in our garden centre role play area. They particularly enjoyed being 'real' shopkeepers when their families came to buy their plants and garden decorations. Thank you for your support for our business venture!

Have a good half term.

16th May

Thank you for donating the big cardboard boxes to nursery. We have been enjoying using them to make castles, boats and lots of other exciting things. We discovered that it's really hard work to cut holes into cardboard but this is a great activity to develop the strength in our arms and fingers ready for writing later! 

We hope you will come to our Nursery Garden Centre shop next Tuesday and Wednesday. The children have been busy making decorations and looking after their plants ready to sell.