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Welcome to our class page. Here you will find all of the exciting things that we are getting up to in Nursery . This section will have information to help you support your child and maximise learning by finding out about what is going on, including homework, curriculum details and wider learning opportunities.

 Mrs Symonds and the Nursery Team 

This week in Nursery 

19th September

We are all very settled in nursery and the teachers are very proud of all the children. They are following the routine, listening very carefully at hello and story time and they are already becoming great story tellers!

This week we have started reading Mrs Wishy Washy and the children are joining in with the actions and words.

We will start making our own Mrs Wishy Washy books and I am sure the children will enjoy telling you the story at home.

This is a great way for children to become enthusiastic readers and writers. 

13th September

Welcome to everyone! We have had a very busy first week at nursery and are so pleased that all the children are settling and are enjoying their time with us.

This week has been all about exploring the environment, following our new routine and making friends.

We have made the most of the pleasant weather. We had a lovely walk all round the school grounds and collected lots of interesting things in our special collecting bags.


18th July

We have been celebrating the end of another fantastic year at nursery!

We went on a teddy bear's picnic today and after we had eaten, a paper aeroplane appeared! There was a message on it which said that something was stuck in the tree. We had to search the wood and eventually found a bear hanging by his parachute on a branch. The next problem was how to get him down and the children thought of great ideas and at last we succeeded in rescuing Barney the bear. Barney was so pleased to find us and he has asked us to look after him now.

We have had a very special end of year celebration and entertained our families with our favourite rhymes and stories. The children who are moving to Reception all received a very special certificate and their Learning Journey.

The nursery team wish everyone a happy and safe summer.

See you in September!

11th July

It has been very hard keeping cool in nursery but Miss Tedstone had a great idea and made a shower! The children were able to see that as the water level went down the shower did not work as well - a great opportunity for thinking about how and why things work.

4th July

We all had a great afternoon at Dean Hill playground today. Before we left we talked about how to keep ourselves safe when we go out. The children know how important it is to hold a grown up's hand so that they are safe on the roads and don't get lost.

When we got to the park the children were very busy. Many of them had a go at new challenges and were so pleased with themselves when they achieved their goals.

Physical activities like this are great for developing children's upper body strength and coordination and this will support them as they begin to develop their fine movement skills ready for writing and detailed work.

The children learned and achieved so much this afternoon and they had lots of fun!

27th June

The children and their families had a fantastic day at Newbridge farm last Thursday.

We were able to look closely at and stroke a 2 day old chick, some lovely fluffy rabbits and a hard, bumpy tortoise. We helped the farmer to collect the eggs and feed the llamas and the pigs. The goats were very greedy and tried to eat the whole bag of food!

The children had a great time playing in all the different areas. They climbed, and balanced and bounced!

Everyone enjoyed the ride on the bus too.

Today we had a magical butterfly picnic! We sang our butterfly song and  watched as the butterflies flew away. 

20th June

The children are very interested in our caterpillars. We have been looking at them closely using magnifiers and some of the children drew some really detailed pictures of them. On Monday the children were very interested to see that our caterpillars have changed into their cocoons. We are wondering how long we will have to wait to see our butterflies.

13th June

Nursery have been busy exploring the outdoors this week. The children were very excited when Miss Tedstone brought lots of snails for us to look at. We looked at the patterns on their shells, watched the way they moved and wondered what the slimy trail was that they left behind. The children carried on their explorations when we went out and about. We found more snails, earwigs, woodlice and spiders. Inside the class we are watching our caterpillars grow and grow - they are very hungry caterpillars!

6th June

In nursery we have been saying hello in different languages each morning.

We have learnt some of the languages that our nursery children use.

Labas (Lithuanian); Jambo (Swahili), Ahoj (Czech), Buna (Romanian),  Cześć (Polish) and Привет (Russian).

One of our mummies came in and read a story to us in Czech. All the children listened very carefully, enjoyed the story and asked lots of questions.

If anyone else would like to come and read a story with us that would be lovely.


23rd May

The children have been busy playing in our garden centre role play area. They particularly enjoyed being 'real' shopkeepers when their families came to buy their plants and garden decorations. Thank you for your support for our business venture!

Have a good half term.

16th May

Thank you for donating the big cardboard boxes to nursery. We have been enjoying using them to make castles, boats and lots of other exciting things. We discovered that it's really hard work to cut holes into cardboard but this is a great activity to develop the strength in our arms and fingers ready for writing later! 

We hope you will come to our Nursery Garden Centre shop next Tuesday and Wednesday. The children have been busy making decorations and looking after their plants ready to sell.